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Posted Oct. 2nd. 2018

ABATE of Washington 
Spanaway Chapter


     What's Ahead!
   For October: Nov: Dec:

 Well our 400+ party came to life. Thank you all for helping us get here. We had a great day for the ride and Andy picked us out a good ride. First poker run I have been on that we had four four-of-a-kind hands congrats to our winners.  Big props to Dolly for cooking a great spaghetti dinner for us all with a fresh salad and lots of garlic bread. Thank you Dolly it was very delicious.  Thanks to Tamra and the events committee for their work, props to James and Elaine who helped Dolly cook, Chris who sold tickets all day, Libbie who worked all the stops.  Iím probably forgetting some of you but thank you all.
 Oct 1st is the first day of the Abate fiscal year.  Abate follows the same October to September calendar for its business and financials as the federal government.
 Oct 6th (Saturday) we will be at the Puyallup Fairgrounds about 6 pm for Oktoberfest. We have been doing it for about four years as a group. I know some members have been doing it longer.  It is a fun night for all we usually get a couple of tables for all of us.  Lots of members get there early some come later but we all have a good time.
 Oct 7th (Sunday) we have our biannual road clean up.  We have been cleaning up our section for almost 6 years now. We will meet up at the Oak Tree in Spanaway early enough so all can have a good breakfast before cleaning up two miles of road. We usually get a good turnout of members so it goes by fast. Then we go to Uncle Sam's for some pizza and beers or soft drink. We will discuss times at the meeting. Amber has told me she needs to step down from the road clean up chairperson position and has suggested that Pete Reeves take over her. Much appreciation goes to Amber for her dedication to keep our road clean up going and I look forward to working with Pete.
 Oct 20th (Saturday) in Ellensburg is our pre-BOD meeting. Every year we hold a meeting called STEAM for a day. It is where anyone can come and learn how Abate is run. We hold sessions on all positions in Abate and let everyone know what is expected when you get elected to one of these positions.
 Oct 21 (Sunday) is the BOD. BOD is Board of Directors meeting where the coordinators and the state officers get together to discuss how our organization is doing and how we can make it better.  All are welcome to come but only coordinators are allowed to talk. Visitors can get permission to talk by getting permission for their coordinator.
     Oct 23rd (4th Tuesday) is our social location TBA.
     Nov 4th (Sunday) is the agenda meeting at Uncle Sam's at 10 am.
     Nov 6th is the next general meeting at Uncle Samís at 7 pm.

  I will ask for a vote to add a new bylaw into effect. I spoke about it at our September meeting and it appeared to have a lot of support. I had hoped to vote on it at the October general meeting but according to our bylaws, it has to be sent out to members at least 30 days before the meeting and we were already late due to Septemberís late meeting date.

  This is the proposal:
      5.4.5    A member that posts negative or derogatory comments about Spanaway Chapter or ABATE of Washington on any public forum including social networks,
 after having received a written warning about posts shall be subject to the following:
  Termination of membership in the Spanaway Chapter of ABATE of Washington.
  Said action shall be taken by the attending members at the next regularly scheduled Chapter meeting.  A termination vote will be asked, by the board, for termination of Chapter membership of said member.  Chapter membership termination will require a two-thirds majority vote of those in attendance.  Upon termination of Spanaway Chapter membership, the member may transfer to another chapter of ABATE of Washington (including independent chapter) of their choice.

     Next month we will put out our toy run boxes in various bars around town.  This is the part of the year where we as a chapter shine our best.  With Santa for seniors in two locations we make sure our seniors have a Christmas, and our two half-way houses we make sure our kids have a good Christmas.

      Dec is our bake sale and Christmas party.  Our Bake sale is ALWAYS a big success where anyone can come buy goodies that our members made so you will not have to bake for the holidays.

        Get ready gang we are still growing and 2019 will be a great year for the chapter.
                                                                                                                         Billy DE






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